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Service Creation

Premium USSD

USSD enables developers to provide a USSD menu-based list of services to Digi’s mobile customers via USSD. Premium content charges will be revenue shared between the content provider and Digi according to the delivery channel’s existing rates and charges.

  • To get access to developers services on USSD, Digi subscribers will need to send the MO to the content provider’s USSD shortcode (*360*3xxxx#)
  • This shortcode assignment also applies to developers with Premium MMS shortcode. Likewise, shortcodes assigned by other mobile operators can be used with Digi as well.

The fees for the services are as below:

Service Fee
Shortcode setup fee RM5,000
Shortcode monthly fee RM2,000
Advance payment deposit RM1,600  *Applicable for new developers
Revenue share per SMS

60% to the Developer

40% to Digi

Infrastructure cost Waived  *For each USSD Message
Keyword charges RM10 per keyword
Maximum number of keywords for each shortcode 50 keywords