Featured Services
No. Name of the product Keyword Short code Product Description
1 Funny videos ON FUN  36299  Funny videos subscription (RM3/daily)
2 Short video clips ON YA  32299  Interesting short video clips subscribers (RM3/daily) 
3 Bola Kampung BK 33370 Bola Kampung content such as wallpaper, sound clicp and video clip.
4 Java Game JG 33370 Intresting Java Games
5 Funny Ringtone POP 33370 Variety of funny ringtone.
6 PALM READER ON TEST 33101 Palm reading via wall-paper.
7 RING TONES ON TONE 33101 Ring-tones via video-clips
8  Mobile IQ ON IQ 33101 IQ questions online via wall-papers