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USSD PUSH is a product for developers who need to transmit a large number of USSD messages (USSD) to Digi’s GSM subscribers. The price for sending USSD depends on the number of messages sent each month.

In addition to cross offering contents via a menu-based list, another benefit that may be reaped by the content provider is the rate at which the messages are transmitted through USSD PUSH. The total number of messages to be sent will be transmitted at 10 USSD per second. The transmission of an SMS message from an ordinary mobile telephone usually takes several seconds.

The fees for the services are as below:

Shortcode setup fee


Shortcode monthly fee


Advance payment deposit


*Applicable for new developers

Price per premium MMS

Number of SMS Transactions (cumulative) Price (RM)
0 - 1 million 0.15
1,000,001 - 3 million 0.13
3,000,001 - 5 million 0.1
5 million and above 0.07

Keyword charges

RM10 per keyword

Maximum number of keywords for each shortcode

50 keywords